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7 against running Northwest Trunk Sewer since the Scugog River Ward 12 councillor gord james' efforts to have a crucial element of the northwest trunk sewer built over the scugog river instead of drilling underneath just missed getting council's approval on tuesday(August.14)In a political election of 8 7. Remain month, coun.James asked city of kawartha lakes staff an extra chance with a report outlining the feasiblity of using the old concrete railway piers at the lindsay site to support the pipes.His argument was that it would not only save serious cash, but was an eco sound solution, as drilling under the river risks disturbing the pcbs that are acknowledged to be in the bedrock. Coun.James wasted not time in moving that staff consider the 'over the river' option, start environmentally friendly assessment(Purchases angry birds publisher)Process and provoke an rfp for the project. He argued that building during these river(Including a bridge that would support people and vehicles other than fire trucks)Was environmentally risk free and easy on the wallet, and that more pipes could be added if required. Despite the fact that, council wasn't quite ready for things to move that fast. Tim seaton, manager for the activity, looked visibly alarmed, mainly since staff has already brought two 'under the river' options forward to council.There was already an ea done(Through the ministry of mid-Air)For the people options. Keep 8 coun.Donna villemaire thought there seemed to be too much in coun.James initiative, and moved to split it, yet unfortunately, with no success. Mister.Seaton and director of planning and engineering ron taylor noted that changing the plan at that time to go over the river means a new ea would be necessary(The first had taken nine months).Too, mister.Seaton advised the price tag on the pipes alone, excluding any of the other work necessary(Much like setting them onto the piers)Could run any where from $1 million and $1.3 million. Mister.Taylor said the target was september for council to select which method of going under the river would be used, which coun.James' pitch was"A match changer, Infirmary 3 coun.David hodgson established coun.David, saying should you love river option was a"Never a brainer, your guy, and additionally ward 4 coun.Glenn campbell, expressed concerns with the trenchless technology of not making it the river.Neither councillor is happy with the risk factor if the mining disturbs the bedrock the other goes wrong. Mister.Seaton assured council that the professionals all say that going under the river is safe"Assigned the rock is sound, and that a backup plan is in place in case of a mishap. Though, simple fact is that unknown that worries some councillors;And the wide ranging financial and environmental costs if something does go wrong.The city and the moe are knowledgeable there are pcbs in the riverbed. "It's a variable i not able to control, shown coun.Hodgson. Mister.Seaton was concerned about the integrity of the concrete piers, which are about 100 yrs.Old and http://www.afour.co.uk/ supported the old railway.While testing would determine that candor, he had doubts about or perhaps a piers could bear the weight of huge pipes that are filled with moving water and vibrating for 80 years.Conveying this component as the"Center"Inside trunk sewer, he wondered if the old piers would require that long. Council heard the lands on both sides of the river are"Unsecured"And no budget for the extra costs of going over the river.Together with, mister.Seaton said while the land designers, who will bear most of the money necessary for the trunk, are focused on when it'll be done, they would not be happy with an increase of costs and delays. Keep 13 coun.Pat warren said fifty that council is getting information from"Two opposing architectural consultants"And are finding it hard to decide on"Because we are really not engineers, She said she had doubts the actual piers, because when she recently paddled her Cheap Pandora Beads Sale kayak symptomatic river, she took a closer inspection. "They're 100 yr old, She recommended council hold off until after a ending up in both consulting firms, but a motion to defer the trouble was defeated. Keep 1 coun.John macklem said he had experience with mining, and noticeably scoffed at mr.Seaton's claim that the chance of drilling under the river is minimal. "There isn't an such thing as solid limestone, he explained, adding potential risk of fracturing the Pandora Rings UK bedrock was"100 %, He http://www.afour.co.uk/pandora-beads.html to, asked what the cost to the city would be if something goes completely wrong.Not exploring a choice of going over the river at the outset, he explained was"Unconscionable, More discussion followed on the fitness of the piers, and as well, coun.Hodgson noted that england's newcastle bridge is"1, 400 yoa and still standing, Having said that, Mister.Seaton said no reputable engineer would put his reputation at stake without testing the piers' integrity. Coun.Hodgson asked if doing an ea to look for the feasibility of going over the river would be cheaper in the long run.He said he thought the standpoint was"Rattling the torpedoes"And considered how much over budget the project is. Coun.David made one last plea, saying someone had asked him, 'why would you should prepare open the pandora's box of going under the river? -- He noted there are certainly"Pcbs in the sediment around the perimeter of piers, much.We're at the entranceway, He then mr.Seaton both noted the moe help establish the"Uttermost"Decision can(Inside of the river)Way is chosen. Councillors brian junkin, andy luff, gary strangway, billy warren, doug elmslie, meat o'reilly, gerald mcgregor and mayor ric mcgee voting to coun.James' range of motioin.Councillors heather stauble and ron ashmore are not at the meeting.

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